Sloped Shoulder



The big cowboy guitar that is standard in nearly every builder’s stable is actually one of my newer designs. I wanted to try a new, slightly more modern variation on the big “D”- shaped theme. The guitar has a long scale, setting it apart from many of its more famous counterparts. Comes in two distinct forms—flatpickin’ or fingerstyle. The first has a 24.75” scale and a narrower string spacing. The latter has a long scale with a wider neck and string spacing. A big, boomy tone from the biggest box in my line.


Frets to body 14 or 12
Tuners Waverly®
Body length 20”
Upper Bout 11”
Waist 10.25”
Lower Bout 16”
Body Depth Neck/End 3.75”/ 4.75”
Scale Length 25.5” or 24.75”
Nut Width 1.75” STD
String Spacing 2.1875”, 2.25”